The Kenssai

nikon D40

After reading a lot of critics and reviews, I've finally come to a decision to get a Nikon D40 over Canon 400D. And so without any further ado, I would like you to meet, Kenssai. :)

I'm still test driving her... snapshots from her will be posted in my Multiply.

Tennis the Menace

At long last nakapasok na rin ako sa tennis clinic. I've been craving to learn this new sport of me for ages...

Its my first day high tomorrow and I can't wait to hit that tennis ball. I'll be having my clinic for the next four Saturdays starting tomorrow. Kinda bitin for me, but what the heck... I'm a fast learner... hehehe

Watch out, Federer! nyahaha

Happy B-day!!!

Only two words can describe from The Beyonce Experience concert... BEYONCE ROCKS!

Obra Maestra

classic meets contemporary

With more than 4,000 entries from different delivery centres across the globe, the photo above entitled, "Classics Meets Contemporary", got the third place in the recently held You-Know-What-Company Worldwide Photo Competition under Diversity category. Apir!

This was my second attempt since last year to submit an entry. Luckily, one of my entries won this year. yey!

Currently, I'm having a hard time what to buy with my half a gran (US$500) prize money. wink wink!

Under Diagnosis

My phone, w810, is currently undergoing a diagnosis in the Sony Ericsson service centre. Hopefully, she'll recover. Get well soon...

As of the moment, I'm using my suster's measly phone... err!

Games of Life

Tourneys, Opens, Cups, Leagues and so on... whatever you call it, it's a game of winning. And in every event, there will always be a loser and one can only be held victorious.

I've been to a lot of sports tournaments. And what I hated most is to lose in a game, that is why I always give my best shot. However no matter how hard I try, sometimes there are others that are better than me.

Volley '07: It's been a great team this year. From last year's close-to-semis attempt against CAT, this year we made it to the semis with a twice to beat against TELCO. We won from Game 1 but unfortunately we were defeated at Game 2. It was a close-to-final attempt though.

Badminton All-Men's: With my partner, we sweep across the elimination round with no lose. From that moment, we are confident enough that we can bring home the bacon. But apparently, we were beaten at the semis.

Even though its hard to accept that you lose a game, I'm still happy and proud with myself, with my partner and with my team. Because even though I lose, I never see myself or my team as a loser but a good player. A player who gave his bestest best to win. A player that even though he lose he will still do his best at the next game. And one thing I realized is that, from the game that I joined, I win friends and camaraderie was formed, and that I think is a priceless possession better than gold medal.

I still remember the quote that is posted in our college gym, "It's not if you win or lose, it's about how you play the game". And that's the game plan! :)

All In!

This was my first time to play the talk-of-the-town, poker game.I thought it was just a normal card game, but it wasn't at all. It's complete insane!!!

I'm trying to make my own version of a poker face, it seems it didn't work at all. I got kick-off 3rd out of five of us playing (not bad for a beginner, huh?). The cool thing is, there's this adrenalin rush in every turn. Ang galing!

At dahil dun nahooked-up na ko.

The Vow

It all started with CP's ten-peso fare having an irony of tax greater than its fare. errr! A totally unplanned decision from the six of us to booked ourselves on a flight to Davao.


Xcons: Bratz OnBoard!
Dona, Bel and I were booked on the first flight that day and Shen, Cora and Pro were on the second flight (sounds amazing race, isn't...). And since our flight is at 4.20, Bel and I decided not to go home the day before and spent the whole twilight zone in Greenbelt watching LFS of Devil Wears Prada and chilling-out at Starbucks. We came to the airport at four (we're late, i know), we can't even spot the flight-to-davao counter anymore. Leaving Donna alone on-board, we tried to convince the CP personnels if we could still catch-up the flight to Davao but we failed. We went to the c.s. counter to re-booked us on the next flight. There's this one guard though tried to helped us. Moment after, manong guard succeeded in letting us board. We were the last bratinellas to board the craft!

The three of us arrived in Davao at around 6 and headed our way to the city to have some breakfast and looked for a hotel. Two hours later... the next team has arrived... and now we're up to explore Davao.

Xtrail: Flora and Fauna
Having no idea were to go on our first day high, we rented a locale cab and toured the whole day in Davao. First stop, lunch at Malagos Garder Resort. Nothing's interesting about the place, just a garden with lots of trees. Off we go to our next destin' -- Phil Eagle Center... again, nothing's quite interesting, we had a little fun looking at different eagles though. The next drive is quite far and high, we took roughly around two-hour to reached Eden Nature Park. Almost closing its gates to us, we still managed to take a look and have some little fun in the park. Its a little frustrating though, of not having explored the inner side of the place :(. Off to our last stop, Jack' Ridge, the perfect spot to cozy dining at night while viewing Davao's skyline.

Before we totally dropped to bed, we tried the famous stingy fruit of Davao, the durian which apparently didn't turned out to be good in my taste... uckkkd!

Xplore: The Samal Adventure
Even though we haven't had enough good nightrest, that didn't stop us on our next trip -- island hopping in Samal. This time we have our "contacts" to circuit within the island.

Wayne's Hideout
I haven't been to a batcave before, so I was thinking that this would be an awesome experience to have a close encounter with Bruce's family wekeke. On the contrary, Bel and I are having difficulties in getting inside the cave because of the super-panghi smell that was ventilating out in the entrance hole. Kaya nga thumbs-up ako on the girls coz they made it on the center of the cave at nagphotoshoot pa. Eventually Bel and I managed to get in though I didn't dare to get at the center because the bats were started to flee (nabothered ata sila bcoz of us). I even vomitted inside the cave coz I really can't take the smell. Langya! ang baho talaga. In the end, the girls have their own souvenirs from the bats-- lots of shits and wiwi on their outfits. Shen's got the most of it (crowd's fave... hehe), luckily I haven't got any :P

Pearl Farm... sa gilid!
After the sticky-ickie bat experince we're off to Pearl Farm, well not really!... just beside the resort coz we were waiting for our bangka to come to take us a quick tour around Samal. Even though we haven't experienced the real Pearl Farm, we enjoyed the island hopping. By lunch we can't help but to indulged ourselves in a scrumptious native delicacies in Samal.

When Same Poles Rapel...
The moment we've all been looking forward to do that day, rapelling! We have a brief 101 session with our guides... then a short hands-on practice... then off we go to descend in a 180-foot cliff (definitely not your ordinary wall, aguy!). And as always, a team's strong motivation was put into test to push acrophobic Donna to rapel. Sinabayan ko na sya pababa... kasi sayang ang libreng Starbucks.... hehehe. I thought rapelling would be the the hardest thing to do, but apparently climbing back up was the hardest part (damn!), having no strings to hold on, just "baging" from the trees plus you have to deal with pesteng wild langgam bites and a slippery terrain... err!
Life's a Beach
After the extreme-games-like adventure, we headed towards our way in a simple, uncommercialized beach somewhere (forgot the name). Swim, swim, swim... while enjoying the sunset! At sundown we went back from our place took some nice ihaw-haw dinner and slept!

Xtreme: White Water Rapids
Final day, probably the most anticipated event of our vacation -- white water rafting! woohoo! Afraid at first, but the heck... this is a once in a lifetime experience!
At the middle of the voyage we were aiming to cupsize, this is were your raft flips upside down then everybody goes into the water... but we failed to do it and so we did our way by jumping off the raft before the current and let ourselves go with the flow... and as told by our guides, "just keep your body straight with your feet apart", grabe ang hirap especially if there's a big rocks ahead. After more than 4 hours of rowing and struggling with the rapids, and donating my shades into the river, it was all worthy!
We took a last stop at the Crocodile Farm. We were just in time when caretakers started to feed the crocs. I wonder how many genuine Lacoste shoes can it produced in one matured croc? hehehe. I also had a closed encounter with an eagle which I haven't experienced in Eagle Park kasi yung mga ibon nakakulong. It was also my first time to touched a python while crawling in the grass. Though it wasn't cold as it was used to be. Perhaps, because a lot of warm people's hand already touched the snake, so nawalan na ng lamig. Sayang wala syang nasakmal na bata that time, just kiddin'! Tapos nakahawak din ako ng baby croc, gusto ko syang iuwi kahit ang tigas ng katawan nya... ehehe!

Xtend: Adios Davao!
Sad to say, but we have to say goodbye! We have fun though in our stay in Davao. Definitely a worthwhie experience we will never forget! If from our flight to Davao, we were late... now, our flightback to Manila was delayed, not just one but two hours...err! We arrived in Manila past twelve na, not enough sleep for tomorrow's first-day-of-the-week work.

more pixcies here...

The Birth of the Black Pearl

The long wait is over! After all the review readings and research, I've finally got the successor of my T61o. And for more than two months of no signal, i'm finally back on air.

Meet w81o, non-3G but the coolest phone I've ever seen (... who needs 3G anyway!). And ironically, despite of having an ipod I can't help myself but to go for a camera-walkman phone, particularly w81o because of its packed awesome features.

The best part is, I just bought the unit from a new found friend for only 16K-- the lowest price that I found for a brand new unit.

I'm still exploring my new gadge, my personal reviews is up next...

Gym Keri

Sometimes you really have to do it the hard way... in order to get what you desire... in order to live a better life...

I actually have no motivation to go to gym, but since my colleagues keep on pushing me to go to, so I gave it a shot... nothing to lose naman since its free and definite there's a lot more to gain, and that's my weight.

I got Angel as my instructor, she's cool but hell she's kinda bit a sadist... err! She told me to do this difficult bone-wracking machine exercises at first then eventually some d-bells lifting (as in those damn-bells!). The first hour of exercise was a real torture! It's like climbing by cartwheel on a muddy, rocky-terrain mountain for 5 hours. I was thinking to quit until I started to crack jokes with my instructor. After doing the former exercise she told me to do some shoulder press exercise and since I have no idea what shoulder press exercise was, I took it literally by massaging my shoulders with my hands... wekeke! Good thing she haven't told me to do the chest press coz I might took it literally with feelings... lolz!

After two hours of nonstop fraternity-initiation-like workout, it was finally over. But the fun didn't stop there. There was a hip-hop session right after my workout. And even though I'm completely wearied, I still got my booty, shaking hell, in the dance floor. All in all, my day ended up with two hours of nonstop workout and an hour of body jamming.

Fitless First

I can't think of a reason why I should go to the gym, but I can think of a lot of reasons why I should go to fitness first, gosh! i got hooked up with the body jam program - its a fitness exercise slash temple bar thingy-- its absolutely awesome with beyonce and mariah as background tunes... love it!

I'm having seconds thoughts though because practically speaking its way to expensive considering that we have our own gym at the company minus the cool body jam and minus the cuties and gym buff yummies as well as minus the other cool amenities. think... think... think...

I got this cool phrase saying, "Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going." haha la lang

Till then...

Its been almost thirty months...

since we first met...

since we have our first hour-long conversation...

since we had our first unforgettable memories taken, treasured for almost two and a half years...

since i fell you from my bedside table... sorry bout that

since you covered me from my stupidity...

since i got lost and you where there to find my way back...

but then again, i failed you to keep...

sorry... and thank you for being part of my world

till then, my tisixten

p.s. i hope you're in a right hand